Saturday, 10 September 2016

What did we learnt from the last Fed Interest rate increase

On 16 Dec last year, Fed raised the interest rate, and lately, many of the financial news are also talking and speculating about when the next increase will be. Let's look at what happened to some of the counters when the interest rate was increase last year, hopefully, this can help us to navigate for the next one.

The first column is the counter price after the announcement of the hike, and the next column is the lowest point of the counter price the few months after. Despite what many analysts have said about banks are the ones to benefit from the rates increase, they have also corrected, just like the other counters.
How will the next one be different from this ... I wonder.


Cory said...

OG Exposure maybe another factor affecting the banks. The swiber things doesn't help.

Oldman said...

You are right, regardless, just preparinb for next one.