Saturday, 17 September 2016

My friends bought iphone7 but I bought stocks this week

Apple has just recently launched iphone7, and few of my colleagues were very excited about it. They started monitoring the launched date from their respective Telcos, and finally they managed to book their gadget, and collected yesterday.
On the other hand, I was not as excited as them, not sure if I am the only one. However, the past weeks, the market has been volatile due to the next Fed meeting. I was actually more excited about market behaving irrationally than iphone7. Instead of using the payout from Sim Lian to buy iphone7, I reinvested it back into the market.

What did I buy from Mr Market.

I initiated a small position in KingsmenCreative, giving me a 4% dividend yield, PE and PB is relatively low, This counter has corrected from a high since last May, it is consolidating now, and no one knows if it will correct further.
This counter has defied all the negative news about interest rate increase, surplus of office supply and dwindling demand, and yet continued to move up in price. I first noticed this in 2014, but I sold off too early that year. Last August, it presented another buying opportunity and I took a position on the counter, and again June this year. This week, I initiated another small position to average up. Yes, for individual stock, I average up, not down, cause I dont know how low it will go. It is better to ride on strength than drown on weakness. But this is just my style.

How about you, did you manage to find anything attractive now?

The post above is not a recommendation to trade, disclaimer applies.

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