Sunday, 11 September 2016

How did my HSBC performed after BRExit

Weeks before the BRExit polling day, there were many news on the probability of Britain leaving EU, and how this will have impact on it's economy if it happens(now we already know the polling results). There were many gloomy news, and sentiments were not good. After seeing how the large US banks are still around today and survived the Great Financial Crisis, I kind of like bank, and they are top of my list for any gloom and doom situation. I did a search looking for the largest bank in UK, and found that HSBC to be one of them.
Below is HSBC 10 year chart extracted using google, do you get excited when you see this kind of chart.

And comparing with the other large bank(Barclays) in Britain, below are their ratios, and they certainly don't look high.
Source :
Before I initiated to buy, I asked around, and most of my friends/colleagues are familiar with HSBC than Barclays. Most of them at some point in their life were having credit cards issued by HSBC, and also they had seen before their banking branches around the island.
Last check, I am already up 18%(not forgetting the dividend that I will be getting), one of my star player for now.

How about you, were you brave enough?

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