Sunday, 12 February 2017

My First buy in 2017

These 2 stocks have been on my radar for some time, and I was waiting for market to present an opportunity for me to buy them. Last week, there were some heartbeat from these 2 stocks and I made my first buy for 2017.
The first counter which I bought was Mapletree GCC trust. I am wary of the interest rate increase this year which many people spoke about, and that this will affect stocks like Reits and Trusts. The problem with this is that when many people are talking about it, most of the time it didnt happen :). I wanted to have some exposure outside Singapore, and this counter I thought fits well. 

Fundamentally, it's still below the book value, debt is still within the managed range and the dividend is good. There were many articles on China facing a slow down, I guess I will leave this to the economists. 
From TA, it has tested few support levels and last week, it has broken the neckline resistance of 0.97c. It is still below the 200d MA, which is the next major resistance. I guess I am ok, just wait and collect dividend first. :)

The 2nd counter which I bought was YZJ. Shipping has been unloved by many for the longest time now, fundamentally, its still below the book value and paying a decent dividend. 

Lastly, the above is my no means recommendation of any sort, it's just a record for me to validate against my method in years to come.