Sunday, 24 August 2014

Property prices will keep going up?

This is my first post about property, but it is not really about property as I am using this in relation to stocks. I am sure many of us heard about this statement many times, either from eager property sales person or in the showroom that you have visited. Many times, we were told that cant go wrong buying property in Singapore, it will keep going up in long term. Yes, the catch is in long term. Being someone who likes to play with data, I search the HDB portal for past resale transactions and guess what I found.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

What can you learn from free invest workshop

A friend of mine spoke to me about a course that he had previously attended and was checking if the few of us are interested to attend a free workshop. He attended the course a couple of years ago when he just started his investment journey and this has helped him to set his foundation. I thought why not, on one hand, I can catch up with my friends and on the other, maybe can learn something from the workshop. In the end, I've gotten free dinner and beer too. :)

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Market Watch: STI 9Aug

Happy National Day and happy 49th birthday Singapore. Even though our achievements have surpassed many countries, we are still a young nation. At this juncture, coming to the end of the quarter, let's do a review of how STI has performed over the past 8 months compared to some of its closest partners and as well as competitors.

In the table below, I have tabulated the gain in the index of these countries over the last 8 months.

It is interesting to find:

  1. Taiwan is top among these countries
  2. Top 3 countries are all chinese related market
  3. has the flow of funds move away from Singapore into these other market
With the improvement in the PMI and investors confidence in the Chinese market, are we going to see further uptrend? And would Taiwan and Hong Kong continue to benefit and ride on the uptrend of the Chinese market.