Tuesday, 20 February 2018

A quick look at Sarine Tech

Diamonds are women best friends, it will also become men's best friend too if it is able to generate returns for them. At the current price, it is about 5% yield. Is this good enough for you?

Quick FA
Avg 7 years of dividends is $0.057.
At 5%, share price is about $$1.1.
At 2%, share price is about $2.9.

Quick TA
This is the 2.5 years chart, and looked at how unloved this stock is by investors over the years. In fact, the share price started to correct since April 2015.

This is 1 year chart, has it found the bottom and is it poised to break out the next level of resistance?

 Disclaimer: I am long on this counter.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A quick look at Singtel

SingTel share price started it's downtrend correction from mid 2015, when the news on the incoming 4th Telco were finally firmed. After two and half years of downward trend, recently, I had friends who came to me and told me that the share price is attractive now at about 5% dividend yield. For my own education, I decided to take a quick look.

Quick FA
Avg 7 years of dividends is 0.19c
15 times = $2.85
18 times = $3.42
23 times = $4.37

At today's closing price of $3.35, do you think it's attractive.

Quick TA
It has broken the key support level, and probability of it hitting at $2.9 is high as the chart is weak and there is a strong resistance above the current price.

What do you think, wait or cheong to buy?