Tuesday, 10 March 2015

A conversation with an Intern

Recently, my company engaged a few interns from a local poly. I had a chance to talk to one of them over lunch and kopi session. Let's call him J. At the initial conversation, J is like other boys of his age, easy going and jovial. After a few conversation, as you get to know him more, he is more mature than most of the boys of his age.
J comes from a low income family, his parent makes only enough to provide the basic food and necessities. Since he started his poly education, he has been working whenever he can during the weekend or after school to supplement his education. Due to his family situation, he has gotten some education grant, however, that is only enough to pay 2 terms of his fees. I then asked him how about the remaining 2 terms and also his expense. He told me he will work whenever he can over weekends, and that has been enough to cover his fees for the remaining 2 terms and also his expense. At his point, I guess most of us have been very fortunate, not having to worry about our course fees back then. Most of my classmates, including myself, do not have to work during school terms to help supplement our course fees.
J shared with me he has started his investing into stocks as he realised that with proper use of this tool, it might be a chance for him to have a better financial situation in the future. He has attended some of those free courses, and is trying to find a method that suits him. At his age, most of his peers will be thinking of what movies to catch, which latest phone or gadget to buy, and here is a young men who has started his investment journey.
Given his resilient character and matured thinking, I believe this young men will do well. I wish him all the best for his journey after graduation.