Sunday, 28 July 2013

Thoughts on Permanent Portfolio ...

Met up with couple of my friends to have beer in a Kopi shop, and I was thinking to myself how we have evolved over time. We used to drink at pubs when we were younger and now guess beer is much cheaper in Kopi shop and nicer place to have a decent conversation too. As usual, part of our conversation was about investing. My friend, whom has just finished reading a book 'Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School', by Andrew Hallam, was wondering how best the portfolio can be created.

I shan't be talking about how one can create the composition of the portfolio as that is already mentioned in the book and serveral blogs as well. Instead, I will share how one can buy/sell mechanically for your STI ETF portfolio.

Looking at the chart above, it does show that STI is now on the high side, at most maybe another 300 to 500 points more. So is this the right time to start or even addon to your portfolio? By using mechanical method, you rule out your emotion in your investment. Here is how:

 Below 1350 BUY
1350 to 1700 Buy 3 lots
1700 to 2000 Buy 2 lots
2000 to 2350 Buy 1 lot
2350 to 2700 Sell 1 lot
2700 to 3000 Sell 3 lots
Above 3000 SELL

So now is it the time to buy? Patience is the key 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

STI - has the down trend reversed?

After trending down in end of June, STI has been trending up after. Is this up trend sustainable? From the weekly chart, the 10MA is still trending down. However, today the index managed to stay above the pivot value of '3265', can this be maintain the last 2 days of the week or even next week?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Singapore stock scan 21july 2013

Singapore stock scan using mygateway;
  • ROE 13
  • Dividend yield 5%

Source: SGX

Stock screener Singapore

Recently, I was asked by a few friends how do I select for stocks in Singapore market. For those who has traded or invested in the market long enough, you would have known that previously one can find stock screener tool easily for global market but not the local one. However, this has changed with the launched of 'mygateway' from SGX. There are many other tools available from the portal. Using the stock screener tool from 'mygateway', one would be able to screen local stocks based on your criteria. You can select up to 4 criteria, below is the screenshot from the portal.

This is just the first step, it just simply help you to narrow down on your search. In the next post, I will share how we can screen stocks using some of the criteria available from the portal.