Thursday, 19 February 2015

Time to buy car ... HUAT AH??

A friend of mine booked his car before Chinese New Year as they gave him a high trade-in value for his current 8 years old car. 2 days after he booked his car, another agent from another car model which he did not purchase from, send him a text on a one day promo of 15% discount off the model he was looking at. For first time, for that particular model, after discount, it will be below $100K. He thought I would be interested and thus forwarded the text to me. Frankly, it prompt me to look, and being Singaporeans, we all love discount. 
COE closed lower for the first time from the last bidding exercise, as shown in the table and chart below. I didnt know there is such a nice chart, do you guys see what I am seeing ...... Ha.... yes, looks like chart of moving average. And for those who knows TA, what does the look of the chart tells you.


GONG XI FA CAI, to those who will be shopping for car soon...

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Learn how a janitor amassed $8m fortune

This is a real life story of how an ordinary folk is able to amassed huge fortune in his entire life. To reach our financial goals, most of us live frugally, try and invest wisely while some people surrounding us are enjoying high life with luxury items. At times, it makes you wonder if it is all worth it. It's story like this that affirms one's belief.

Ronad Read is one of the many example out there, and a common traits among them is:

It is that simple isnt it.

Here is the link for more of his story.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

My first invest book in 2015

As the saying goes, it is important that we start the year off right. I have just finished reading this book 'Show me the Money' by Teh Hooi Ling. Most of us would have known her for her writings on investment in the Sunday Times or Business Times. 
Her writing style for this book is using lots of data and facts for comparisons which I find very useful as it is easier to understand and to get the message across. The chapters have been written progressively for the readers:

  • starting with basic concepts
  • then looking at the different types of valuation matrix one can use as fundamental analysis,  
  • follow by, how once can form his/her asset allocation,
  • small section on comparing returns from property against equity,
  • psychology of investing and REITS.
The chapters I liked most are chapter 2 and 3. In chapter 2, using lots of data and comparison, it shows the reader why one can use this successful and proven method as part of his/her investment strategy. Chapter 3 is about market timing, the main message I guess is one should time the market based on valuation and not NEWS.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book to someone who is starting his/her investment journey and even to those who has been investing for many years. It should help the novice to build his fundamental knowledge and the experienced ones to fine-tune their strategy.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Bright spot in commodities?

In the invest section of the Sunday Times today, the reporter wrote about how one can invest in the different type of commodities and where to find the bright spot. Apart from what was mentioned, locally there are few counters which is commodities related, such as Noble group, Golden Agri and Wilmar International. Here I will share my simple view of one of these counter in this post, and why I bought into the counter.