Saturday, 16 August 2014

What can you learn from free invest workshop

A friend of mine spoke to me about a course that he had previously attended and was checking if the few of us are interested to attend a free workshop. He attended the course a couple of years ago when he just started his investment journey and this has helped him to set his foundation. I thought why not, on one hand, I can catch up with my friends and on the other, maybe can learn something from the workshop. In the end, I've gotten free dinner and beer too. :)

Audience Profile - We went early and I noticed that in the classroom size of about 60 to 70 people, about 70% are of age group above 55, and the remaining working folks and a handful of young chaps. I find this strange, wasn't we told many times that it is important for one to start investing early. To the 30%, I am glad they have started the journey early, and hopefully, they will be able to reap the benefits years later.

Audience Mindset - Do you know what was the first question that was always asked in most of these seminar or workshops? Yes, what stock to buy, can we buy this stock ABC now, is it still expensive to enter for stock XYZ, what price to sell for this stock, etc. In fact, these were the majority of the questions from the audience. The fact that they were asking these questions, might be the reason why they are attending the workshop, I hope was to gain more knowledge to help them to decide and provide these answers themselves.

Workshop Technique - There is no free lunch in this world, most of the materials presented are the end result of a technique, whether is it FA or TA. There will not be further explanation on how the method was used, and if you asked the trainer, he/she will  usually advised you to attend the full course. I mean, this is a fair transaction, given that this is a free workshop, one should not have much expectation.

Many years ago, when information were lacking and investment courses rarely available, most of us have started investing with no proper guidance and learning through the hard knocks, and because of this, I guess most of us learned many useful and valuable lessons which has helped us in our journey. With so many investment courses in the market now, I guess it is important to find out from someone who has attended the course and determined if they are genuine in imparting knowledge or just another money making machine.


Createwealth8888 said...

We, investment bloggers also from time to time receive request for stock tips. LOL!

Oldman said...

That's true :) but I always tell them I am not qualify to give, though I will point them towards general direction.

financialray said...

If the course trainers can make $$$ themselves, why would they bother to conduct courses for the masses and take risks teaching? Some the property investment course trainers have been exposed to have profited as property transactions are done. Sharks are everywhere. Look before you leap.

Oldman said...

Agree, but it will be much easier for beginners to get basics from these courses if the trainer is genuine in sharing. Best is to check with someone who has already attended.