Tuesday, 27 August 2013

End of Quantitative Easing(QE) ...

Regional markets including STI has reacted negatively when news that FED will be tapering down or reducing the QE some time in the near future. If it really happens, how would it affect stock markets, commodities, gold, silver, property, .... etc.

After my last trip to Taiwan, I really like the place and people. Recently, I found this clip(by chance), a finance TV show(夢想街57號) by a Taiwanese TV station, and I thought this is really cool and very informative. One of the guest in the show is Hu li yang(胡立阳), who is very popular is this region. I am a fan of his, found his theory easy to understand, although at times he tends to exagerate a little :)

I wished we have this kind of show here in Singapore so that the public can be well informed about what's happening in the financial world.


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