Tuesday, 1 May 2018

A quick look at HongKongLand

Everyone loves to buy winning stocks and for the past year, the local banking stocks have been in the limelight due to being able to benefit most from the rising interest rates. To make money in the stock market, it is not to follow where most of the crowd go, it is to identify the un-loved counters. Congrates to those who have taken the lonely journey and invest in Comfortdelgro, SingTel and SPH the past few months, you may refer to my posts on those counters.
One of the counter which caught my eye was HongKong Land, however, the not so nice about this counter is that it is not suitable for dividend play.

Quick FA
ROE > 10%
PB < 1 (in fact much lesser)

Quick TA
The counter started to correct since Nov. last year, and only in Feb. it started to test on the key support level. Finally, there were 2 breakouts in the month of April and yesterday it broke the key resistance. However, for whatever reason if it turn the other direction, then one has to sell. (Vested)

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