Saturday, 3 February 2018

Recent actions from these 2 markets(Dbs, ABC, Comfortdelgro)

We are into the 2nd month of the new year, there is no change in my strategy, still very much using Prof Joel GreenBlatt's magic formulae. I have taken less position in SG market and moved more into the Chinese market. As US is becoming more inwards, China is taking advantage of this to expand and fill these gaps. In the long run, my view is that this will be positive and will benefit the Chinese market. One can invest through the A50 or CSI300 ETF.

For the SG market, I have taken profit on my DBS counter. As per my earlier post, this has been one of my best performing counter due to the recent rally.
For the Chinese market, I bought into Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) last month as the PE is low compared to the local banks. It was kind of disappointing when the rally happened so fast and the price spike up too high and within short span of a month. I decided to take profit.

One of the stock which I found attractive and cannot resist(in the local market) but to take a position is comfortdelgro. I have read few blog posts on avoiding this counter, I respect their point of view. However, market is inefficient, thus the beauty. 

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