Sunday, 13 November 2016

These high yield blue chips performed well during the US Presidential Election week

It has been an interesting week, but for some, it has been a roller-coaster feeling, the market was behaving erratically during the Presidential Election day and the day after. I was hopping that the market will react drastically downwards so that I can capitalised on it, similar to my purchase of HSBC during the week of BRexit. But as we all know by now, the market crawled back and cover what was lost earlier.

One of the STI component stock I noticed moved against the tide and market. On 9Nov, when the entire market was corrected, the price of this blue chip was resilient and moved upwards. This stock is Yangzijiang.

This stock moved up with huge volumes on the few days of the US presidential election when most of the market is correcting downwards. Is this going to be a reversal of the downward trend for YZJ? Do note the gap between the 50MA and 200MA is still huge, but what's the harm in collecting the about 5.5% dividend while waiting.

The other stock is one of our local bank, DBS. 
We have read many times that if the interest rates is raised, one of the sector to benefit from it, will be the banking sector. This could be one of the reason why investors are making the plunged now to buy the stock. From the chart, can DBS pierce through the $16.2 resistance and continue in a upward trend?

Let me know your analysis of these 2 stocks.

I am long on both stocks.

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