Sunday, 9 August 2015

What does George Soros, David Tepper and Robert Shiller think in common?

In the recent few months, these big boys have been feeling negative about the US stock market, or at least their action says so. It might be worth taking a serious look as all the US indices are all time high.

George Soros has been increasing his shorts in the S&P in a big way for many months now. He has also been slashing and reducing his exposure to the US equities in the recent months. Check this article from and bloomberg.

Another successful hedge fund founder, David Tepper, has also been reducing his exposure of his US equities. Hedge funds tends to be sensitive to the market and react when the indicators are telling them to. Check this article from

Lastly, most people knows this guy, Robert Shiller. Check out the following articles on why the US market is expensive now.

The table below shows the CAPE ratio of the various major economies.


Knowing these information helps us to navigate on what next, so how will you use these informations.

Happy SG50 Singapore.

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