Friday, 25 April 2014

Can money buy happiness?

I believed many of us have heard this before, no matter how much money you have, it can't buy you happiness. There was an article from Stanford which discussed about this topic and a book was also published on the study. In the article, it also mentioned about Warren Buffet feeling awesome after he has decided to pledge most of his wealth to charity.
I had the similar feeling last week. 
A pleasant surprise last week when Noble Group started a run, and a strong one. As I had bought this counter with no idea about it's FA, I decided to take profit and thus it came to me as a pleasant surprise with this extra income. I had not expected the counter to gain 15% within a couple of months. This is definitely one of my good win for this year.
With the extra cash, I decided to buy my family a good seafood dinner over the last weekend and everyone was asking if I had strike TOTO. Everyone was happy and I was happy too. With the remaining cash, I was subtly happy that I can use it to pay for a small portion of the Tissot watch which I have been eyeing for a few months now. My friends have stopped asking when I am buying it .....haha...... alright, I will pay for supper the next time we meet :)

I guess money can buy happiness after all and it all depends on how it was being spend on.

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