Sunday, 30 March 2014

STI performance

In the last couple of weeks, STI had a spectacular performance. At closing, it is now near to where we had started beginning of the year 2014 by just a few points below. In this post, I want to look at how did STI compare against some of the other indexes such as Indonesia, Brazil and China. Hey, isn't this the BRIC without Russia.

Below is the chart which I had done to compare these indexes, Brazil(blue), Indonesia(orange), China(green), STI(red)

Since February, Indonesia is the strongest of the group, having rebounded strongly as shown in the chart. Brazil is the next strongest, rebounded strongly after a second correction. As compared with these 3 countries, STI has not been doing that well, mostly in the range bound and had just started trending up but not much.

In the table below, it has shown clearly how each of these market has performed for the last 6 months as compared with closing on 28Mar.

What are the factors that is likely to cause this ?
Starting with Indonesia, this is an election year for them, and as mentioned in an earlier post, this has a positive effect on the Jakarta composite index based on the last 2 elections.
Brazil has got 2 major events this year, one is the coming election. For the soccer fans, it's the World Cup in June, so will the World Cup fever spread to the stock market.

So will this trend continue ... no one knows, but remember to cut loss if you are wrong.

Disclosure - I am long on EWZ and IDX.

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