Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Stock Watch: Suntec Reit

Yes, this post is about Suntec Reit again. The last 2 weeks we have seen how the Reits have corrected due to the start of the QE tapering and the possibilities of increase in interest rates(nobody knows when), although from one of the FOMC meeting it was understood that the low interest rate should last till 2015. Reits are not the only sector that is affected, across the market, all the counters have reacted negatively too.

As I was doing my lazy surfing, I came across a few interesting posts by fellow blogger about reits and suntec reits. One of the post is from mystocksinvesting.com; he has been tabulating the reits data for a while and it helps one to do analysis easily. In another post, he also included charts from most of the Reits, and if you looked at them, most of them are either in downward trend or in consolidation.

And you may ask, why Suntec Reit. Comparing to the other reits, it is one of the highest debt gearing, which is a concern. And apart from trading below it's NAV, yield about close to 5.8%, these are also not too compelling to be in one's shortlist.

However, looking at the daily and weekly chart below, do you noticed that it is different from the other reits counter. Would this trend continue ...

Daily Chart

Weekly Chart

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