Saturday, 30 November 2013

Counter debrief: CSE Global

Instead of just showing one's portfolio like some of the other bloggers, I thought it is more useful to share the thought process of investing and divesting of one's counter. So here I will start with my first debrief for CSE Global.

  1. This counter came to my radar after I used SGX mygateway to screen for stocks based on a simple criteria of ROE of 13 and having a dividend of 5%. 
  2. Next I check the FA, didnt spend too much time to dig stuff, just a quick glance to make sure that revenue been growing, operating cash is healthy, Capex is low.
  3. I noticed that they have more than 1/3 of business in the US, and so I became more interested as I believe their business will be able to tap on the US recovery.
  4. I also used a quick litmus test using DCF from moneychimp; and realised that it's about $1.12.
  5. Having done the above, I then looked at the TA. The eclipse zone is where I have bought in to the counter around August. I saw that both the 10MA and 20MA has turned up, and that the 2nd test of the support level was higher than the previous one.
  6. The rectangle zone basically had reversed all the signals that was positive from my buy and by right I should have sold off but why didnt I. One of the reason is that it did not break the previous support, and also my position is small enough that I dont lose sleep over it.
  7. My oversight was that I did not add on when it broke out on the right hand side, maybe I was too busy to notice. <<Lesson learnt>>.

7. CSE Global management has announced that 28c of dividend will be given to shareholders as reported in Nextinsight. Looking at 1 - 6, I did not do what some investors will do to try and understand the management, some will say that I was lazy. To me this is beyond me, and I have neither the experience nor the time. Anyway, by doing that, will anyone knows that this was in the pipeline, dont think anyone will know unless you are involved in the decision making.

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Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Interesting choice of word - debrief.

You ex-military?

Yes, I do like it when bloggers share their thought process - I am interested in the art of fishing; not what fishes you have caught ;)

SMOL - still resisting the reality that I am uncle now :(

Oldman said...

You are very sharp ...

Money Honey said...

Not every investors have the same investing technique.

In this modern era there are investors still prefer using newspaper to do stock selection :-

l doubt anyone still do fishing using stilt but it is another art of fishing; it's a dying technique but who knows there could still be selective few still at it :-

In the stock market world, to each his own.

Henry Tiong said...

Oh dear, realised Money Honey is talking about me and my ancient ways...

Haha, indeed, everyone has his own approach and thought process about stocks. No right or wrong, you visit the library section 332.6 and you will find as many books on fundamental analysis as there are on technical analysis, and hybrids as well.

What is important is as long as there is some logic underlying your buy and sell decision..because you will have to fall back on that logic's soundness when market turns against you (it happens...)