Monday, 9 September 2013

Abe's 4th arrow - 2020 Olympics

Tokyo, the Japanese capital, has beaten Istanbul and Madrid, to host the 2020 Olympics. Japan's economy has been on the recovery since Abe's 3 arrows to revive it's economy. The Japanese stock market has responded strongly to these initiatives. Now by winning the 2020 Olympics, there has been market talk that this is the 4th arrow which has further boosted the Japanese confidence. In many news article today, there has been reports on the further uplift of Japan's GDP till 2020 and how the win has also raised business leaders' confidence towards the economy.

All of us know that for a stock market to be able to rally up, it has to have both Confidence and Funds, now it seems that the Japanese economy has both. How can we join the party?

There are a couple of Japanese funds that is listed in the NYSE, below is a list;

  1. Japan Equity Fund(JEQ)
  2. Japan Smaller Cap(JOF)
  3. iShares MSCI Japan Index(EWJ)
  4. WisdomTree Japan Hedge Equity(DXJ)
Click on here for a research article by Fidelity, you will find information on the annualised returns and the expense ratios for each fund.

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