Sunday, 21 March 2021

Q1 2021 Portfolio Updates

 Market continued its uptrend from 2020, and with the Covid-19 situation stabilising, the old economy counters have started to recover as well. Overall, the local market had moved up along with the rest of the global indexes. As such, some of the sectors are not as cheap as they were during the massive correction last year.


With the recent run up, I took profit on the following counters.

  • Kimly
  • DBS
  • OCBC (Partial)
  • Exxon
  • STI ETF (Partial)

Some of the counters were mentioned in this post. For DBS, using 5 years average dividend of $1.09, at $25 it is fairly valued. Of course it can go higher but I am happy with my profit.

The reason that I took profit is they have given me decent returns, most up to 5 years worth of dividend that I would have collected. With the sale, I can use it to invest in counters unloved (below) at the moment. The lesson learnt from the March 2020 correction is that one must have enough bullets to capitalise.

Unloved Counters

Using the profits from the sale, I invested into these counters.

  • Keppel Reits
  • CDL HTrust
  • Jardine C&C
  • Manulife US Reits
  • Starhill Global Reits
  • Yanlord

Reits sector performed badly last year and investors avoided them. The leading ones like the Industrial Reits managed to hold well and most are already fully valued. However, the Hospitality, Office and Retail Reits are still in bad shape. This gives opportunity for us to invest, collect dividend while waiting for market to notice them again.

Jardine C&C is a counter in the STI index, using the 5 years average dividend of SGD$1.07, at 4% yield, it is still undervalue. 

The irony is when market is heavily corrected, everyone is worried. And when the market is moving up every other day, everyone is talking about investing for dividend. It is only during tough times that the yield is attractive as the price is low.


I have started trading for few months now, with small amount, this is to capitalise on recovery play and when market is moving up. These are counters that I have bought;

  • Raffles Medical
  • SPH
  • China Sunsine
  • Genting
Thanks for reading.

Above information does not constitute investment advice or recommendations.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

These Blue Chips gave STI a strong start in 2021

 If you still remember, STI was the worst performing stock in this region last year. And how things have changed, it has started 2021 on a strong foot hold. As the banks constitute the highest weight, they have helped STI to propel forward given their recent very strong rally.

Below are the 2 bank counters that I owned and a laggard which has started to catch up. Given the flush in liquidity and returned confidence with the vaccine, they may rally higher. Let's see if the uptrend can still continue.


This counter has rallied the most, and as such, it is no longer cheap as compared to few months ago.



Like DBS, this counter has rallied in the last few months. Last week, it gapped up for 2 days, which means that investors are scrambling to want a stake in this counter. However, at 11x earnings, it is neither cheap nor expensive.

Jardine C&C

Though this counter is also in the STI index, it is the poorer cousin of these 3 counters. The counter has not moved much, but last week it breakout of the key resistance strongly. At about 10x earnings, it has not been fully valued.

Happy and prosperous investing all, open eyes BIG BIG. 养 套 杀 。

Sunday, 27 December 2020

2020 Look Back

In a few days time, we will welcome 2021. 2020 has been a strange year. For many of us, some of the norm and stuff that we are so used to do has changed. I am sure many hope that this pandemic will be over soon. 

It is also a strange year for investors, fist witnessing market crashing almost everyday and followed by fierce FOMO re-bounced. For the braved ones, it has been rewarding but like most investors, my portfolio was ugly red during the March crashed.

Here is a summary of how I have done. 

My overall portfolio performance as follow:

Dividend received = $18,917
Profit from sale of stocks = $19,804
Trading = $1593 (45%)  (started in Oct. as experimental)

Total profit 2020 = $40,314

Below are my worst performing counter:
  1. Sing O&G (-25%)
  2. Halycon agri (-16%) - Trading
  3. Silverlakes (-15%)
  4. Sarine Tech (-13%)
  5. SH (-35%) - Painful, didnt adhered to cut loss strictly.

Below are my best performing counter:

  1. Union Gas (60%)
  2. CDL Htrust (50%)
  3. ChinaSunsine (30%) - Trading
  4. Japfa (20%) - Trading
  5. DBS (15%)
My recent transactions for 2020, I had added the following stocks:
  1. Jardine C&C
  2. Capitaland
  3. Fu Yu
  4. Valuetronics
Trading counters:
  1. WngTai
  2. OUE
  3. Raffles Med
  4. Sarine Tech

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Market Favourite and Dropped out - DBS Bank and SATS

Most of us are familiar with these 2 companies, DBS Bank and SATS. SATS was in the news lately when MSCI SG decided to drop it from it's index, thus it was shone the spot light and of course selling pressure.
In another post from the SGX, one would noticed that these 2 counters are among the best and consistent performers. On average, they command a annualized return of 6% over 10 years. How bad can they be moving forward, not forgetting that they are around 5+% div yield now.
DBS Bank
This counter broke the key resistance and gap up, this is a very strong uptrend signal.

This counter was heavily sold down end of May, could be due to the MSCI SG announcement. One would expect that it will drop even further after the heavy selling. Instead, it made a reversal and just breakout of the key resistance.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Reits - The Breakout

For those who have been braved enough to invest into the Reits counters during the March correction, most would have been at least 20% gain on paper by now. Not all the Reits are the same though, I classified them into 3 categories; the Leaders, Late Blommer and the catching up.

Today, I want to talk about the Late Blommer and they are still under their NAV. Over the last week, a few of these Reits counters made a breakout from their Norm.

Below are the 5 Reits which have broken the resistance and breakout.